In spring we mainly fish for trout with streamer and nymph. After the fish winter eagerly attack large prey, which have a higher energy value. The water in this period is usually a bit higher due to the melting snow in the mountains. Its colour can vary every day. Wading during this period in some areas may be difficult.

In late spring when ‘March Brown’ hatches occur, you can effectively fish with both wet or dry flies.


A very good season for trout and grayling fishing, the mountain river is still very cold. The water is usually low and clear.

The long, warm summer days allow for long days of fishing and you’ll need a rest on the river bank. In the morning and evening, dry and wet fly may be very effective. These two are some of the best fishing methods for this time of year. During the day, the angler should look for fish in a rapid stream, where the water is cooler and more oxygenated. Good results at this time can be achieve by a short nymph method. The most commonly used fly during this period are sizes 10 – 14.


Time for grayling and the Danube salmon known as the ‘Queen of the Dunajec’. The water is usually low and clear which makes wading far easier. Its a beautiful season for both dry fly and tiny nymph to be presented with soft action rods with long leaders.

However, the salmon need powerful equipment and large flies. 20 cm streamer can be the best choice. Just one bite from Danube salmon will make the long hours spent waiting worth while.


The winter months are when the biggest adventurers start to catch the ‘Queen of Dunajec’. January is one of the best periods to fish for the Danube salmon using streamers. Low and clear water creates favorable conditions, in which the fish feeds. If the winter is not too cold, it’s worth booking a trip with us to fish for the ‘Queen of Dunajec’. In February, the season for brown trout fishing begins. During this period, the main method of fishing is streamer and large nymph.


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