Dunajec river

Dunajec Special Stretch

A special section of the Dunajec has been created especially for fly anglers.

It is the best “no kill” fishery in Poland and Europe.

Its range includes 11 km stretch of the river which starts from the Krośniczanka estuary

Creek in Kroscienko nad Dunajcem and ends on estuary of the Ochotnica Creek in Tylmanowa. Each fly angler will find something interesting for himself, whether you prefer dry fly fishing for trout & graylings or streamer fishing for Danube salmon. A large population of brown trout causes that the makes this a very special stretch and is visited by anglers from and all over the world. The whole section is restricted to barbless hooks, and a ‘no-kill’ law makes the probability of catching trout over 50 cm much higher than in other parts of the river. Another advantage is easy access to the fishery, virtually any place can be reached by car.

Fish species in the Dunajec Special Stretch:

– Trout

– Grayling

– Danube Salmon

– Barbel

– Chub


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