Wojciech Kudłacz – a professional flytier, and a fishing guide is a resident of Krościenko nad Dunajcem in the beautiful countryside of southern Poland.

Winner of national competitions in the preparation of artificial flies. He has been interested in fishing from an early age. He began his adventure with an artificial flies over 10 years ago. As a fly fishing enthusiast, he spends every moment on the surrounding rivers testing his new handmade lures. An author of fishing articles published in themed magazines, including the Sztuka Łowienia. Many years of experience has armed him with a huge knowledge base of the surrounding rivers and best methods to catch.

For the safe of our guests’ safety, our guides have completed first aid courses, so throughout their trip guest can rest assured that they are in safe hands of a qualified and responsible guides. In addition to the above, with the help of our guide you will learn how to: - Tie artificial flies - at basic or advanced level (option in the fly tying course) - To move in the river - very important for inexperienced anglers - who don’t know where there might been hidden pools and ankle traps - Read the river and seek out potential locations for fish - Correctly place the bait to the desired location - Properly handle fish to minimize the probability of loss - Fish using methods: - Dry fly - Wet fly - Nymph (short, long nymph) - Streamer Depending on the conditions, guides can select the following fisheries: - Dunajec - OS Dunajec - Biały Dunajec - Czarny Dunajec - Białka Tatrzańska - VAH (Slovakia)


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Fly Fishing in Poland
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